Monday, May 2, 2011

May's Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month

May's Scentsy Warmer and Scent of the Month!


Experience the thrill of discovery with this masculine warmer’s time-burnished patina and bold maritime symbols, crafted in shades of charcoal and dove gray, with golden highlights.

Amber Road

Open a box of treasure, hand-picked from exotic lands, to discover glowing red cedar and resinous incense.

The last couple of months Scentsy has been creating cute little videos to feature the Scent of the Month.

Warmer and Scent of the Month are 10% off in May!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway at Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers

Visit Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers for a chance to win:

 A Full Size Warmer of your choice


Three Scentsy Bars of your Choice!!

Ends 5/5

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway at Sweetest Petunia!

Head on over to Sweetest Petunia for a chance to win Scentsy!

You'll Win:

April's warmer of the month, Baby's Breathe!

Flutter, April's Scent of the month!

Contest open until May 3rd at Sweetest Petunia!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Reads

Oh No, I'm a book behind!! With my much needed Spring Break trip to California I didn't get a chance to blog about the last book I read!  Hopefully I can remember what it was about!

The last book I finished was Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.

Heart of the Matter is really a story about two women who are strangers living opposite lives but will be brought together by a tragic accident.  Valerie, a lawyer and single mom, and Tessa, a stay at home mom married to a pediatric surgeon, Nick.  Valerie's son, Charlie is in a tragic accident and Tessa's husband is Charlie's surgeon.  During Charlie's hospital stay, Valerie begins to have more than friendly feelings for Charlie's surgeon.  For Tessa, staying at home isn't all she thought it was going to be and she begins to feel her marriage falling apart. Will Valerie and Nick cross that line? Can Tessa ever forgive Nick for what he has done?

While I was reading Valerie's view of the story, I found myself rooting for her, rooting for her to be loved, rooting for what could be.  But then I read Tessa's side of the story and found myself rooting for her, hoping she can keep her marriage and family together, keep the love she has. I found myself thinking about myself in both their situations wondering what I would do.  Would I cross that line for love?  Would I ever be able to forgive my husband for his mistake?  Of course no one ever really knows what they would do until they are in that situation and hopefully no one ever has to be.

So what are you reading?  I'm needing to add to my MUST read list!! I've also been considering getting an electronic reader, but I LOVE books.  I love a good hardcover book!  I love to read them and collect them.  In my dream house I have a library.  The walls are lined floor to ceiling with shelves and shelves of books.  I have a comfy chair where I can sit by the fire and read all day with a cup of hot chocolate.  Do I really want to give up my book buying?  I'm not sure.  What are your feelings on electronic readers?  And which one do you like, the Kindle or Nook?

Happy 8th Birthday Peyton!!

It's Peyton's 8th Birthday today!! Happy Birthday Buddy!! We had a great time celebrating during Spring Break in California!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break-What I'm packin'! Part 1

Daisy Dukes, Bikinis on top, Cancun, beer, frat boys, one night stands, MTV, Girls Gone Wild.  Isn't that what you think of when you think of Spring Break?  Well, remember I'm 30, with 4 kids, going to nursing school. NOT what my Spring Break is gonna be! And you DON'T want to see me in a bikini.  Remember the 4 kids?  Those were all by c-section! NOT PRETTY!

My Spring Break is taking my older two boys, 9 and 8, to visit my mom and brother in San Diego. On our list to do is: Disneyland, Sea World, mini golf, the beach, In N Out and sushi!! Far from the MTV type Spring Breaks.

While I study, I like to eat!  So I've gained a "little" weight.  I have a closet full of clothes and can hardly wear any of them.  So I like to buy accessories because buying clothes depresses me. (But I did have to buy a few new things because I didn't think I could wear my sweats in California!) Here's a few things that I'm bringing with me:

Jersey Scarf Necklace with Rosettes in Hot Pink

DaniCalve on Etsy

Black, Hot Pink, and Zebra Fabric Flower Rosette Headband

Twenty Five Design on Etsy

modern pearl rosette statement necklace {fucshia}

Allora Handmade

PINK Chrysanthemum Flower Ring on Antiqued Silver band

LittleMissMomma on Etsy

tiny pouch - bloom in grey

The Pleated Poppy


Benefit Cosmetics
 Camu Camu Travel Tin Scentsy
Fit Flops 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway Winner

The winner of a Thirty-One Gifts personalized lunch tote of your choice from Mindy is.......Julie!

Congrats Julie!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Baby's 3!

Today my fourth baby, Mason, turns 3!!!
Love you buddy!!

Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway!

My friend Mindy just started selling Thirty-One Gifts.  I was her first party actually!! I first heard of Thirty-One Gifts when I started selling Scentsy and I was looking for something to put my book parties in.  A lot of the other consultants recommended Thirty-One Gifts. I couldn't find anyone in Iowa who sold it so I ordered a bag online. Mindy really liked the bag I had so I told her she should sell it. And she did!! I can't wait to get everything from my party!

Thirty-One Gifts has everything from purses, lunch totes, beach towels, cosmetic bags, flat iron cases, cards and a lot more.  Something for everyone from infants to adults. And there are several patterns to choose from and almost everything can be personalized! Thirty-One Gifts always has a monthly special for customers and the host! A girl can NEVER have too many Bags!!

To help Mindy kick off her business, she is giving away a FREE Personalized Lunch Tote of your pattern choice!!

Comes in the following 9 patterns (Sorry BAD picture, all I could get):

To Enter:

Mandatory: You must follow my blog using the Google Friend Connect. Go to Mindy's Thirty-One Gifts page and leave a comment here telling me what item you like.

For Extra Entries:
1. Like Mindy's Thirty-One Gifts Facebook Page.
2. Follow Mindy on Twitter.
3. Follow me on Twitter
3. Post on Facebook or Twitter about this giveaway!

You can use:
Enter to win a Thirty-One Gifts personalized Lunch tote from
@mgallagher1970 @hlkinsey

Leave a SEPERATE comment for each things you do as that will be your entry.

Contest ends Monday 3/7 8:00 CST

P.S: Mindy is giving away another Lunch Tote when her Facebook page reaches 200!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I LOVE to Shop!

I Love to shop!! I probably could be considered a shopaholic!  But living in Small Town, Iowa makes shopping a little hard.  We have one grocery store and it's closed on Sundays.  We have Pamida, which is like a smaller, more expensive version of Walmart.  There is Dollar General, which I live across the street from, so we frequent often.  The closest Walmart is 30 minutes away, closest Target is 45 minutes away and the closest mall that I like is an hour away!! So I do a lot of shopping online.

Right before Christmas, after I had my Christmas shopping done, I discovered Etsy.  If you haven't heard of Etsy, it is a place to buy and sell homemade goods and vintage items. I have found so many cute things on Etsy (and spent a lot of money!) I'd love to share some of the things I've purchased and LOVE from Etsy!  Maybe it will become one of your favorites, too.

My latest purchase is from Twenty Five Design.  I found her on twitter and visited her Etsy store.  I fell in love with her rosette headbands, bracelets and rings.  My favorite color combination is hot pink and black so I HAD to get these!!

Black, Hot Pink, and Zebra Fabric Flower Rosette Headband $7.00

Black Cuff Bracelet with Black, Zebra and Hot Pink Fabric Flower Rosettes $8.00

Black Fabric Flower Rosette Statement Ring $6.00

I was really impressed with the quality of her work. And she was offering a discount on Twitter when I ordered these! Even better! So head on over to her store, Twenty Five Design, and find something for yourself or for a gift!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

Thanks for stopping by! Wondering who this girl is that considers herself a California Girl (see previous post) living in Small Town, Iowa?  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I'm Heather. I'm 30 years old. I live in a small town in Iowa with my husband Brian and four kids (3 boys, 1 girl): Logan 9, Peyton 8, Madison 6, and Mason 3. Brian and I got married on my 20th birthday and will be married 11 years this July. I am in my LPN year of nursing school and work as a unit secretary/CNA at the hospital.  I sell Scentsy, started a blog, and I'm trying to get my creativity back by making headbands for my daughter.

So, that's the basics!  I'll give you a few more random tid bits:

1. I LOVE to read!
    Favorite books: The Twilight Series.
    Favorite author: Nicholas Sparks

2. My favorite color is hot pink.  But the colors for my house are sage green, white and black.

3. I have a younger sister, Shawna, 26 and brother, Josh, 17.

4. I have obnoxiously curly, thick hair.  I have grown to like it but still long for straight hair!  Isn't the grass always greener on the other side?

5. People say my mom and I look an awful lot a like.  They always ask if we are sisters, even twins once!  She always says yes but I tell them no, she's my mom. I either look old or she looks young!  Hoping that she looks young!

There you have it! A little bit about me.  Continue to follow my blog and I'll share a little more with ya!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

California Girl

I think of my self as sort of a California Girl.  Now I know you're wondering how does a girl from Small Town, Iowa call her self a California Girl? I'll explain:

California has been in my blood since, well, before I was even born! While my mom was pregnant with me, she visited my aunt and uncle in Riverside, California.  (Hey, that counts!) I made my first REAL trip to California to visit them when I was one.  We went to Disneyland and the beach (I'm sure I LOVED it!)  I visited my aunt and uncle at least once a year.  I made that trip flying by myself actually, when I was six.

I became a TRUE California Girl when my family and I moved to California when I was nine! My parents got a divorce shortly after we moved.  My sister and I lived with my mom and we moved a few times: Grand Terrace, Redlands, Colton. There was so much to do!  We went to Disneyland, Sea World, the beach, the mountains, Rodeo Drive (Yes, my favorite movie was Pretty Woman!) "What's your dream?  Everybody's got a dream!" Needless to say, my shopping trip was more like her first one when no one would help her because she looked like she couldn't afford anything!! You have to pretty much be a movie star to be able to afford to shop on Rodeo Drive! "Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now!"  

We lived in California for about six years when my mom and step dad decided to move back to Small Town, Iowa to raise us (my sister and I and a brand new baby brother!) But the California Girl doesn't end there.  My sister, brother and I would go to California to visit our step family (my aunt, uncle and family had moved back to the midwest). And my sister and I would visit my dad who still lived there.

In 2007, against my pleas, tears and fits (yes, from a 27 yr old girl!) my mom and brother moved to San Diego!  This was the first time I had ever been more than two miles from my mom! My three kids (at the time) and I spent six weeks there after she moved helping her decorate and just having fun! And while we were there, I found out that I was pregnant with my fourth child (SURPRISE!) So now that my mom lives there, I can be considered a California Girl again, right? Well, I think of my self as one!

I LOVE the beach, the sand, the water, the sun.  I am a Sun Goddess! 

I LOVE palm trees

and Flamingos

and Hibiscus

My kids and I go to San Diego every chance we get.  
I'd love to make myself a TRUE California Girl again but my husband's a TRUE Iowa boy!!

My brother and my kids- La Jolla, Ca

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trying To Stay Calm Scensty Giveaway

I Joined my friend Shauna for a Scentsy Give away on her blog, Trying To Stay Calm.  

Head on over to her site for a chance to win a Scentsy Warmer of your choice and three bars!

Good Luck!!

Trying To Stay Calm

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Scentsy Winner

OMG!! I put 2/17 (Thursday) for my Scentsy giveaway to end but meant Wednesday!!  I drew a winner on Wednesday.  So I'm drawing another winner today!  TWO WINNERS!! (See that's what happens when I do this while doing homework!)

The Second Winner is......Jessica!

Congrats, Enjoy it!!!

Blog Makeover!

I've had my blog for not even a week yet and I've tried designing it myself numerous times. After three major background designs and several failed attempts at designing a banner I liked,  I was completely frustrated and about ready to throw the computer across the room (as you can see, since I'm on here, I didn't!) I was ready to give up.  "Screw it," I said!  I really wanted to give this blog a chance and I tend to be a perfectionist, so I knew I needed to enlist some help.  Being a nursing student, I knew I wouldn't be able to spend a lot of money on a blog that could lead to nowhere.  So after Googling and not finding anything, I went to my new favorite place to shop, Etsy. I searched "blogs" and found a few things I liked but were $150 or more!  THAT I could NOT afford! I continued the search, entered a price range and that's when I found IT!! The ONE I had been looking for!

And the best part, it was ONLY $30 and she'd install it if I needed her to!! It included: a XML file for Blogger/, a Customized Header, Background Image, Blog Button, "Grab my Button" Code, and a Signature Image with my name. Without hesitation I purchased it. I gave her the name of my blog, the URL, e-mail and password. Within less than 16 hours from when I purchased it, Alicia emailed me to say it was ready to go!  NO WAY!!  I was out of town that day, so I took a look on my Blackberry and really liked it!  When I got home, I checked it out on my computer and LOVED it!! I CAN'T stop looking at it! THANK YOU ALICIA!!

I found my design on Alicia's Etsy store, dreamlikemagic.  You can also follow her blog, Dreamlike Magic and Facebook for freebies, tips, giveaways and reviews of her Etsy shop.  Besides Blog templates, Alicia also does:  Etsy shop designs, banner sets, logos, business cards, invitations and more!

Thank you Alicia!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!